How to transfer CDs to the iPad

How to transfer CDs to the iPad


    • 1  - Install iTunes software on your computer. It is available as a download from Apple's Web site and will take less than 10 minutes to download on most high-speed Internet connections.

    • 2  - Insert your album into the CD drive. iTunes will automatically detect the disc once it is inserted.
    • 3  -Wait for iTunes to give track information. If you're connected to the Internet, iTunes queries a database that automatically pulls in the album's name, track listing and cover art, saving you the need to enter it manually.
    • 4  -Uncheck any songs you don't want copied.
    • 5  -Click "Import CD." This will make a digital copy of your album and automatically transfer it to your computer's hard drive.
    • 6  -Go to your music library. Once the transfer is complete, iTunes will add the album tracks to your music library.
    • 7  -Connect your iPad. It will show up in the devices panel on the left-hand side of the software.
    • 8  -In your music library, highlight the album or songs you wish to transfer to the iPad. Click "Sync" to sync your iPad with your music library.


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